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Anti Bullying Policy

The Exchange Youth Program is a place where all children, staff and volunteers will feel accepted, protected, safe and have a sense of belonging. Bullying, fighting, name calling, etc. are NOT tolerated in any way or at any time. Our Students along with our Staff and Parents will work joyfully in collaboration to prevent all forms of bullying through the establishment and maintenance of policies and programs designed to see NO bullying!


**Students are subject to termination at any time for any of the above mentioned**

Illness Policy

We ask that all parents keep their children home at the FIRST sign of a communicable disease or sickness! By doing so, you are protecting not only your sick child(ren) but the other children, staff and volunteers from the spreading of that sickness/disease! If there is an instance where your child(ren) becomes ill with a communicable sickness or disease, we ask that you please contact and visit your doctor to determine what would be proper care and follow up! We love our students! A sick child unfortunately cannot participate fully and most effectively in school or in a meaningful way.

If your child is sent home due to an illness (throwing up, a fever of 100+, etc), they must be fever free (without the help of medicine) for at least 24 hours with symptom improvement before they can return.



Emergency Policy

Once a month, a mock fire drill will be performed so all campers are familiar with procedure and exit strategies. In the event of an emergency, The Exchange Youth Director will blow a whistle signaling to Staff to evacuate their students from the building in the manner practiced in our weekly drill. Staff will bring all students to designated safe areas outside the building while the problem is resolved.

Cell Phone/Technology Policy

Campers will only be able to to utilize their items/devices during the a lotted technology time frames.

*Please see the Daily Adventure Schedule to see the technology times*

Campers will have a safe, labeled and secure area to store their items/devices. This area is monitored by staff.

If a parent/guardian needs to be contacted, the Director and/or staff members will do so. In return, if a parent/guardian needs to reach their camper/director/staff, we kindly ask that parents/guardians do so via the camp phone #.

Under no circumstances are campers allowed to take photographs, videos or post to any form of social media using contents containing other campers.

*For Legal Reasonings, there are instances where some campers cannot be photographed or video*

Thank you for helping keep all of our campers safe!

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