Our mission is to repair, cultivate and uplift children in ALL situations by providing recreational & educational programs and opportunities while always intentionally pointing them towards life with Jesus! 

In a time where we are surrounded by great uncertainties, our goal is to provide a SAFE, HEALTHY and HELPFUL learning and growing environment for children!

The Exchange Youth Virtual Assistance Program provides a full-day program that is intentionally created and structured to help children successfully complete their virtual school day while parents and guardians finish their work days!


The Virtual Assistance Program is available Monday-Friday from 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM for grades K-6 within the CMS School System.

During these hours, children will engage with their teachers in a quiet and stable environment as necessary via canvas, google, zoom meetings, etc. This will take place under trained supervision from our dedicated team at The Exchange!

On a daily basis students will participate in their classroom lessons and work on their daily assignments while receiving assistance if necessary!


Children will be separated by age group: 

GROUP A: K-1st

GROUP B: 2nd-3rd

GROUP C: 4th - 6th

When live lessons are over, children will then enter into our "after-school" program. Our after-school program will run from 3:00pm-6:00pm. This time includes...snack, art, technology time, enrichment activities and more! 

Below is an example of our daily schedule...(Times may change dependent on the child's school schedule)

7:00 AM - Child Drop Off 

              - Technology / Free Time 

7:30 AM - Breakfast 

8:00 AM - Virtual Learning

11:30 AM - Lunch

12:30 PM - Virtual Learning 

2:00 PM - Homework Time 

3:00 PM - Virtual Assistance Student Pick Up 

3:00 PM - After School Program Begins 

             - Snack

3:30 PM - Art / Drawing 

4:00 PM - Movie Time (Fridays)

5:00 PM - Technology / Free Time

6:00 PM - Child Pick Up


Student Writing

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Your safety is our TOP priority! 

Daily, we do the following...

-Temp Checks

-Symptomatic Checks

-Signed Waivers

-Staff wears masks

-Masks optional for children

-Social Distancing



The Exchange Youth has a limited amount of computer stations available for children to utilize. Please contact us if this is a need for you! 


Save $20 when you register more than one child!

Our Staff and Child Safety

The Exchange Youth staff combines a fun-loving spirit with an exceptional skill set to ensure your camper(s) will have a SAFE, HEALTHY and FUN school day!


Our leadership team recruits staff who have experience with youth and children! They also must possess the ability to lead and excel at problem-solving.


Every staff member receives a background check and MANY hours of training and certification.


STAFF ARE TRAINED IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: • CPR • Child protection and abuse prevention • Behavior management and bullying prevention • Field trip and off-site safety and procedures • Playground and pool safety & MORE!

Child to Staff Member Ratio: 1 Teacher to 20 Students 

(Per the NCDHHS)


Give us a call:





To accommodate to the safety and well being of ALL children and staff members, staff members are required to wear face masks throughout the day to remain in accordance with the government mandate. Following suit with CMS Masks are also mandatory for children. The only exceptions to this requirement are: Eating, Drinking, Outdoor Time and/or a Medical Condition. (Doctors note is required)

Upon the arrival of students and staff, all persons will have their temperature checked as well as be symptomatically checked on a daily basis. In addition...parents/guardians and staff members will be asked to sign a liability waiver stating that they are covid-19 and symptom free (without medication). Children will also be asked to wash their hands upon their arrival to The Exchange.

*IF A TEMPERATURE OF 99*+ OR SYMPTOMS ARE PRESENT...The student or staff member will immediately be asked to return home. 

In order to return to the learning assistance program, the student or staff member must be COVID-19 and symptom free WITHOUT MEDICATIONS for at least 4 days.